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Military Aircrew and Heart Murmurs (2nd Discussion)

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    Good morning all,

    Before I begin ones long essay, I've read the thread a few rows below reference the RAF Medical OP and his situ, however, the original topic was from 2009, therefore hopefully I can make a new updated one.

    Basically, I attended my Royal Navy AME AFCO medical, and it was discovered that I had a Heart Murmur. Since then, I've had an ECG which came back normal aside from a slight abnormality - thus, I've got an appointment booked with the Cardiologist start of August.

    I've asked a similar question on PPruNe (some may be familiar with this forum) but thought I'd ask on here..

    If, the murmur is declared benign - and I'm the AME declares me Fit (I'm TMU at present) how does it fair further down the line when it comes to pursuing an Aircrew role.

    I've heard varying stories about candidates (all with benign murmurs) being able to go to OASC/AIB etc and have had a happy and successful flying career and of course others having their dream hit a brick wall.

    Of course, I'm trying to remain optimistic, however, I need to be realistic and I fully accept if it isn't to be, it isn't to be.

    Most important thing out of all of this though is the fact it's been discovered - with that I am happy.

    Thanks all.

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    Once you're fit, you're fit.

    But don't forget there's still about 100 other stages where you could fail, such is the nature of an application for Aircrew.
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    (Original post by Drewski)
    Once you're fit, you're fit.

    But don't forget there's still about 100 other stages where you could fail, such is the nature of an application for Aircrew.
    Drewski, thanks for your reply.

    I just had at the back of my mind that even if passing the AFCO medical, the Aircrew Med at Cranwell could still fail me as I understand and fully appreciate their medicals are further in depth than the AFCO med.

    Of course; sadly, it's just the present medical situation playing on my mind and how disappointing it could be that it could all be over with the flick of a light.

    I'm going to continue to remain as optimistic as possible though.

    Best regards.

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Updated: June 1, 2016
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