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English Language AQA GCSE 2016

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    Question 4 in the November 2015 paper
    Source 2 is an article explaining the devious ways of a panda who faked a pregnancy whereas source 3 is a personal account of a women’s encounter with Gorillas during her trip to Uganda.
    In source 3, the writer uses a pattern of three to describe the scenery; ‘the tea plants, tropical trees, and flowers’. This list is used to ensure the reader can gather a vivid image of the scenery, and it emphasizes its beauty. Similarly, a pattern of three is used in source 2 to describe the actions of the panda who ‘showed reduced appetite, less mobility and a surge in hormones’. Here the list has a different effect, as it is an informative article, so is used to inform the reader of the pandas symptoms, and ensure they fully understand the situation.
    Source 2 uses long and complex sentence types, as it is clear this article is aimed at adults. This has an informative effect, and creates a formal tone to the writing. Source 3, however, uses a range of sentences, including many simple sentences for example, ‘I nod’. This creates tension and suspense, with the effect of intriguing and engaging the reader with the writer’s emotions.
    The panda is described to be the ‘star of the show’, which is a cliché used to describe someone who seeks attention and is very self obsessed. The cliché is used to ensure the reader can relate the the text and clearly understand the situation. However, a panda, clearly is not clever enough to experience such emotions, therefore this is a form of hyperbole, which has the effect of emphasizing the abnormality of the situation as well as intriguing the reader. The writer in source 3 explains that her ‘butt drops to the ground like a magnet’. This is a simile, with a similar effect of emphasizing the intensity of her experience. It is also used to help the reader understand the description better and be able to relate to it.

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