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Geography AQA Revision Notes

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    Some of the Revision notes I have.
    Advantages of living in areas of volcanoes:
    Volcanoes produce ash which creates fertile soil for growing crops. In Hawaii Farmers grow pineapples in the fertile volcanic soils because the fertile soil produces higher yield of pineapples than in other places of the island.

    Volcanoes can produce geothermal power which is cheap and is almost pollution free. It is also a renewable source of energy which can reduce the cost of living.

    Also volcanoes attract tourists to lakes and forest which create jobs in camp-sites, hotels and bars.(MT Etna). Area's of the volcano have attractive scenery which attracts tourists which creates jobs for local people. People are prepared to live in the area at risk of volcanoes because of the physical environment provide them with jobs which improves people's quality of life.

    Warning signs of volcanic eruptions: Gas and steam emissions increase, trees and vegetation may die.

    Primary effects of volcanoes: Case study Goma.
    Within 6 hours 14 villages were destroyed by the lava as it flowed through the river.

    Secondary effects of the eruption: Looting took place from abandoned houses, shops and hotels.

    Earthquakes: Earthquakes in Ledc's
    Buildings are poorly constructed such as in Haiti, thousands of buildings 'pancake-collapsed' in 2010 killing 200,000 people. Earthquakes are worse in LEDC'S because of the lack of infrastructure which can slow down the emergency response, resulting in more deaths of injured people.

    Earthquake damage:
    By preparing seismic shaking maps. In California, geologists have produced maps that show the percentage of an area experiencing a damaging earthquake in the next 10 years.

    Earthquake damage reduction: Designing buildings which include seismic dampers such as in Torre Mayor in Mexico. The energy of the earthquake is absorbed by 96 seismic dampers.
    Tropical Storm:
    It is caused by a cluster of thunderstorms drifting over a warm surface with a temperature of 27'c .

    Primary effects of a tropical Storm: Storm surge flooding which destroys homes. In New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina flooded 80% of the city.

    Always remember to use PEE paragraphs.
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