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How are women presented in films??

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    i'm doing media wjec. So give me 4 points please x

    hyper- Sexualised, (Emphasis on their bodies/clothes/looks/behaviour

    Inferior/ unequal (Take a back seat in most films)

    Eve- dangerous or sinful- they're seen as on par with the devil- think film Noir- Femme Fetale

    Or can be post modern and take a powerful role- but are usually portrayed more masculine this way. There's almost no female role models that are not sexualised or portreyed in a masculine role. For example Emma watson, sexualised, Maragret Thatcher- masculine. Even Mellisa mcarthy was portreyed as quite masculine untill she lost weight and now she's sexualised. This is a big difference to male role models.

    Laura Mulvey suggests in her 1975 book that women are in film to be 'killed, raped or saved'.

    She also suggests that the camera is male and the voyeuristic treatment of women relates to the male gaze- forcing the consumer to look at women from the point of view of a heterosexual male.

    You could say that dominant ideologies argue that men are strong and women are weak.

    Good luck
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Updated: June 2, 2016
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