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should i put my eating disorder on my personal statement?

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    So long story short i'm currently being treated for my atypical anorexia after a relapse at the start of year12 and originally i didn't really want to mention it on my ucas application at all in case it put me at a disadvantage, however because i want to study biology it's really helped in my recovery to work with dietitians and my eating disorder nurse and working with them has helped to develop my interest and fascination and appreciation of just how amazing the human body is and how things work on a microscopic level and inside of us, like for example i would literally pick my dietitian's brains about how glucose is absorbed into the body when she was talking to me about how important all these different nutrients are, and i just found it so interesting.

    And i was thinking of saying that in maybe the introduction of my personal statement and just explaining (but in tad more detail) about how developing this interest and exploring how our body's function in so many different ways helped to cement my decision of studying biology, but i don't know if this is a good idea or not?

    as in would it put me at a disadvantage for mentioning my eating disorder (even though it's been declared on my ucas anyway because of other mental health issues such as depression and anxiety and ocd) and make them less willing to look at my application? or would it just sound kinda cheesy or bad? or should i put it? idk any help would be greatly appreciated!

    You could ask your teachers to put it in their reference. Mentioning your eating disorder will not put you at a disadvantage at all but if you do decide to include it then try to make it relevant to everything else you write so it flows nicely.

    Ideally this is the sort of thing your referee should mention. Only mention it if it's helped to develop your interest in the subject or relevant transferable skills. If you do then do so in a formal and professional manner and in just a line or two.

    If you're going to mention very personal sensitive things, it needs to be in a detached and professional manner. I agree that it is relevant and you've clearly explored areas pertinent to your degree through your experiences and showing that you've made this effort to further your knowledge is definitely a good thing to include. Stick to the academic side and what you've learnt about biology rather than the effect it has had on you personally.
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Updated: May 31, 2016
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