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Is the current immigration system racist?

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    (Original post by infairverona)
    Yes. This is why I am voting out of the EU. I would rather have skilled individuals like your fiancé than white people from the EU who are bringing nothing to our country.
    Do you not realise we will have to become part of the shengen area once we sign the EU trade deal?

    (Original post by lolatmaths)
    Do you not realise we will have to become part of the shengen area once we sign the EU trade deal?
    Do they realise? I think not.

    (Original post by 999tigger)
    Do they realise? I think not.
    Such a shame Brexiters think immigration will go down once we leave. It will go down for a bit, then we'll join the schengen zone and have unlimited migration. Its good for them because theyll continue to ***** about it when they were then ones who caused it.

    Ironically, if you were against immigration you would vote REMAIN since we're not part of the schengen zone and actually have control of our borders, you can blame Cameron for the high levels of migration.

    The opportunity to work in the UK is a privilege controlled by the UK givernment. They can decide who can come here and who cant. They are most interested in people who can contribute and not those who will drain its resources.

    In respect of the EU its been decided for a long time that its beneficial to the UK to engage in the single market in concert with the other EU members. Nothing wrong with that. You cna still apply to come to the UK if you bring needed skills, are an investor or have an occupation that is in high demand.This is done on a points based system, which does not discriminate either for ot against any particular race. If people from particular countries do not have the skills we need, then theres not a lot of point taking them in becayse there are plenty of UK citizens and other workers from the EU to fill those jobs.

    The UK has every right to decide who it permits to work here.
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Updated: May 31, 2016
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