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queue-jumping... was I in the wrong?

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    I wouldn't usually make threads like this but this incident really upset me today.

    I went to the post office and waited in the queue to ask about special deliveries. I was given envelopes and a pen to fill in the addresses, so I went to the side desk to do that. When I finished, I went to the front of the queue (because I already queued up before) to get the payment done.

    There was a big guy in front of me who wouldn't let me pass. He said very aggressively "no no, I was in front of you". I didn't want any trouble, so I let him pass, but the guy behind him seemed to be inspired by him and he wouldn't let me pass either.

    Then, when the big guy was about to leave, he told any newcomers to the post office to "beware the queue jumper", meaning me. I was so offended I told the cashier I was going to leave and he could keep the envelopes. The cashier wouldn't let me do it as I already wrote on the envelopes and had to pay for them.

    I felt so humiliated as I am usually a very polite person, I let old people in front of me in queues or people who have less things than me, and I felt like everybody was ganging up on me. Luckily for me, it was a newsagent/post office, so I just paid for the envelopes at the newsagent and just left with them without doing my special deliveries.

    When I got back home I just started crying at the unfairness of it all, but everyone else there seemed to think that I was in the wrong.

    Do you think they were right??

    I agree with them. You'd given up your place in the queue. You can't just step back in.

    It's a very difficult thing to judge, but yes, I don't think you can just go straight to the front of the queue - and it makes you look bad in front of everyone else as they might not know that you were there before and had to fill something out.

    (Original post by Tiger Rag)
    I agree with them. You'd given up your place in the queue. You can't just step back in.
    but to be fair, once you leave the queue that's it. You must queue up again, you wouldn't just accidently barge back in the front of a queue to pay for your shopping because you had to go to the toilet, unfortunately OP you're wrong :/

    Now I got no fight with any man who gets to the back of the queue, but when he don't, the queue breaks down. And when the queue breaks down, we break down.
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    It's quite enlightening to see that everyone disagrees with me, I guess it's an unspoken rule that I didn't know about.

    When I'm personally in queues and I see someone filling something in on the side, I always think it's unfair that they have to queue up again so I let them in front of me. I don't think I'll change that.
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Updated: May 31, 2016
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