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SAAS Application HELP!

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    Hi Everyone!

    I am currently filling out my SAAS Application, I am having problems with the Employment History Page where I have to show what I have been doing in the last 5 years (between 01/08/2011 and 01/08/2016). My school did not star on the 01/08/2011 and I was switching schools at the time, as well as taking a gap year. What should I put down for the gap year period and summer vacation?

    Thank you.

    What do you mean by school, just to clarify: university or up to 18 school?

    If you too a year out then put in the dates and enter gap year or if it's a drop down menu (can't remember) you will have to select the most appropriate. I guess you could choose between 'private funding', 'employed' or 'unemployed' depending on what you were doing in the gap year (include the summer holiday in this). This info is used to work out your taxes owed and paid (if you claiming certain income bracket, being independent ect.) and should not affect whether or not your receive a your loan

    This is all gleaned info, none of it is official as I do not work for SAAS - you will have to check with them if you want to be sure (or less sure, lol).
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Updated: August 17, 2016
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