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Can I join the army?

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    I'm currently finishing my A-levels, and I'm predicted A*AA for maths, biology and chemistry respectively. I'm planning to do Medicine at the University of Birmingham next year.

    My goal in life is to join the British army as a doctor and gain the rank of captain.

    I was born in Germany but my mom is British and I've been living here since I was 4, so could that be a problem?

    Also, I want to know what steps I should take after I get my A-level results, in order to join the army as a doctor.

    You meet the residency criteria, look on the army website for info on applying.

    The Army welcomes and encourages people joining from different cultures and countries. Like Jaguar said check the website. If you do meet the requirements, the Army will pay for all your education and training in exchange for a return of service, usually 4 to 6 years. In order to compete with civi jobs pay, med officers are promoted quickly, so you would reach Capt by, if not before your return of service is up. If you make a career of it you could possibly get to colonel or even brigadier. aim high
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