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Health & Social Care HNC dilemma! Anyone with experience of the application process?

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    So recently I've decided I'd like to get back into education, specifically Health and Social care in The City of Liverpool College. Then eventually progress to University to continue studies into a more specific field.

    A bit about myself:

    I'm a 25 year old Male.
    After High School I went immediately into work (due to financial family obligations)
    I possess 7 GCSE Grades above C, earned back in 2009.
    Since then I've worked in Retail, Warehouse, Voluntary work in Healthcare and Administration in the NHS.

    A couple weeks ago I applied to The City of Liverpool College for Health and Social Care. A week or so later I received a letter inviting me for an interview and was overjoyed, upon closer inspection however I realized it was a Access to HE and not the actual Higher Educational HNC course.
    I initially thought perhaps this was done as default for not having a qualifying level 3, but after calling up yesterday I was informed it was a simple mishap by them and it was amended to the HNC course, to which I was told to await another letter for interview. (Expected in the coming week)

    The plan is to go to Liverpool for this course and therefore be I'll requiring financial support in the form of Student loans and Maintenance loans to help pay for my accommodation, which according to the college is fine. I'd be offered the same Uni level help. Without a Level 3 from the Access Course however I've been informed it might be difficult for me to get on the course. SO I was hoping there'd be someone who could help me here with what questions may be asked in the interview? How will the lack of a Level 3 Access effect the process? Would my prior experience within the NHS (specifically Administration and Medical Records in a GP Office) help me/be beneficial? What else could I do to help my chances here?

    After examining the contents of the Access to HE course I've realized that I'm already really quite familiar with the material of the course, so rather than study it for a year I'd understandably prefer to bypass it. As well as this I also will require a place to live, meaning the Maintenance loan is imperative to this. (Something not granted on Access to HE)

    If there's any help or advice to be offered I would greatly appreciate it, thanks very much.
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Updated: May 31, 2016
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