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Mesh PC Restore to factory setting?

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    I have a MESH PC. I'm on Windows XP.

    Right now I just feel like reformatting it to the factory settings for no apparent reason as then I can do it faster if i really needed to. And it's a good thing that I did because I really don't know how I'm supoosed to do this with MESH.

    The manual told me to press F10 when prompted at start up and I did. But after that it wouldn't let me do it to the factory settings, instead it tells me to phone this number in order to do it. It's a premium rate number and it's going to cost loads!

    I'm just wondering how am I supposed to do it without phoning someone?

    It's like they're preventing people from doing it themselves for some reason.....

    Thanks all!
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    You should have a light blue CD which came with the system called the MESH Recovery CD

    This will wipe the disc back to original settings
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    (Original post by neomayemer)
    You should have a light blue CD which came with the system called the MESH Recovery CD

    This will wipe the disc back to original settings

    It says that some of my files are missing.
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    what exactly does it say is missing?
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    (Original post by neomayemer)
    what exactly does it say is missing?
    The file m5289.sys.

    Is there somewhere I can get it? Is there a link?

    I bought it from Mesh Computers btw
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    do you have a SATA HDD? i expect they sent you a recovery disc without SATA drivers on it... you can download them from manufacturers website stick them on a floppy and intert. When propted to use a third party driver press the key.
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    Will any m5289.sys file do? or do i have to get it from the manufacturers website, i.e. can I just google m5289.sys. and download it from any site?
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    Actually on second thoughts... do what i have seen done... phone up mesh hardware support (its not premium rate) and demand they send you a recovery disc with the drivers. They will mess you about but eventually send one out. If they try and tell you its a software issue tell them politely to balls its a hardware issue and the issue is they supplied a disc not suitable for the product you purchased.
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    Here are some numbers

    Expensive number: 0870 0464747
    Geographical Number (cheaper) : 020 82084744

    Expensive number: 0870 0468336
    Geographical Number (cheaper) : 020 82084773

    Technical Support
    Expensive number: 0871 2002221
    Geographical Number (cheaper) : 020 82084795

    Hope those help... I would try tech support first
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    so what if they don't send one? Any alternatives?
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    downloading the SATA drivers or finding a disc with SP that includes the drivers...

    I had MESH send me a XP with the drivers on...

    I will have a look....
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    Can you tell me what motherboard MESH used... its on your little invoice or the carbon copy
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    (Original post by neomayemer)
    Can you tell me what motherboard MESH used... its on your little invoice or the carbon copy
    ASUS P5W-E SLI nForce 6501 SLI(C55) Mainboard - Core 2

    (repped you btw )
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    You sure thats the model? cant find a mention of it...

    and thanks hasnt come up though heh
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    You shouldn't need SATA drivers anyway unless you're using RAID so just get yourself an XP CD.
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    XP disks dont come with SATA drivers included not ones from MESH anyway
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    so I can't download the drivers, which means I'm gonna have to... get an XP CD witht he drivers on it?
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    try the asus website... i looked for you but it didnt have the model you said.... on there they will have some drivers
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    You don't need drivers for SATA drives unless running in RAID mode. It should just work with an XP CD.
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    Im not sure how they do it but MESH have made their PCs require them... seriously it sucks...


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