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International Student - Please help!!!

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    Hello everyone! My name is Fadi and I am from Bulgaria. I have been offered a place in the University of Reading. I will be studying International Business and Management with Spanish. Here in Bulgaria the Educational system is much different from the one in the UK so at the moment i urgently need information.I decided to prepare for the university course in advance because I have never studied business in my high school so i figured this would save me some trouble. I know that you guys have been preparing for A levels and that in the UK students have only 4-5 subject per year in their last 3 years of high school. I wanted to ask if you guys can send me some links to sites from which i can download or just read online the course books for business for the 3rd year, at the moment i have only found one of the course books in amazon and it is really expensive for me. Also i managed to get information that there are 3 publishers for those textbooks - Edexcel, OCR and AQR. Also how do i know which textbook will prepare me better for my course. I hope you guys understand me. I hope someone who is well-informed helps me because it is really urgent for me.

    Ciao Fadi,
    As you know there is a vast amount of resources available online.
    I have studied business by myself at home with zero assistance from a tutor, for this I bought the AQA A level book from by Ian Marcousé it was just £26, to be honest if you cannot pay £26 for a text book then you are in for a big shock when you arrive in the UK.....
    For me the book has been perfectly sufficient when supplemented with freely available online sources, such as tutor2u and beebusinessbee, look them up.
    Finally you should look up the past papers and the SPECIFICATIONS this is your best help.

    Be lucky :-)

    Please note that the link in the post above is for the current specification, you will NEED to use the UPDATED version.
    You must go to the AQA website and search it.
    It is not difficult to find.....
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    Please note that the link in the post above is for the current specification, you will NEED to use the UPDATED version. - I did not get this can you explain it, please? And also thank you for answering.
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    Thanks a lot for the help man. And yes i know the prices in the uk, I was just hoping to find a free pdf course book but after I did some research and heard from you I will probably get the same course book as you. Thanks a lot again, if I ever meet you in real life I will treat you to a beer

    Hey no worries, I'm Mr Nice !

    Are you going to take an A level exam?
    Do you only want the foundation of knowledge?

    Because, if it is only for the knowledge then you can use the specification linked above.
    Using this and any business book from the last few years will be sufficient :-)

    As a general note, I'm a 41 year old mechanic, i have found the A level very easy from a knowledge perspective.
    However, it has been very challenging for me to write long essays.

    Good luck, any more questions and I'm happy to help.
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