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Chance of contracting HIV/AIDS?

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    So yesterday I met a boy and we had some fun but we didn't have sex. The most we did was he gave me a blowjob, he also licked my anus and then he masturbated and ejaculated all over my chest, but I did not swallow any of this. We also did some deep throat kissing. I have already had a test last month which came back clean after I slept with a boy last summer and I know the boy who I met yesterday has also had sex, although I think it has only been once. I know that the boy he did it with had a douche which gives me the impression that he had a lot of sexual partners which would obviously increase the likelihood of HIV/AIDS spreading. We are both 17.
    This might all be my paranoia but I get worried about little things like this. What are the chances of HIV being spread in what I did yesterday?


    To be more precise:

    1. You getting oral sex - nil.
    2. You being rimmed - nil.
    3. Him coming on your chest - nil. Had you a gaping wound there, it'd been higher, but...
    4. Deep kissing - nil.

    There is stuff you could have caught - if he had say chlamydia in his throat say, or a cold sore on his lips - but not HIV with that list. Although the 'previous partner of your partner' may have been sexual with others, HIV isn't magically created by sex: one of the parties has to have it before they can transmit it to anyone else. Plus if he's been using condoms for anal sex* consistently then he could have shagged hundreds of men and still not have HIV.

    * Everyone mentioned including you is male, yes?
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Updated: June 6, 2016
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