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Possibly failed first years exam - Wondering about options

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    Hi all, (sorry if this is the wrong place to post this!)

    So I've just sat the Marketing 101 exam - Introduction to Marketing at Lancaster University and it’s safe to say it never went well. The stuff I never revised came up and I had a shot at answering them, but I doubt they’re decent answers. The multiple choice test went okay but I don’t want to rest my laurels on that alone so now I’m wondering what are my options?

    Marketing is my degree scheme which I love to the bone and I have had three assessments in total although I haven’t received my mark for one of them, so the two grades that I have received are an A- and B which is good, but here you need to get 40% in the exam along with the coursework in order to advance into second year. I'm also averaging around 56% overall for the year.

    I will undoubtedly be attempting the resist if I have failed the exam, which I believe I have, but I’m just wondering what would you suggest are some options to explore after failing first year? Resitting the year isn't an option because I’ve already tried first year once at a different uni but admittedly that was more of a wake-up call than anything since I went to hardly any of my classes but I’ve brushed up my act this year and attended almost all of them.

    The A-Levels that I studied (in case you’re curious) are Business and ICT where I received an A* in both but they were we both BTECs and Media Studies where I received a C.

    I believe these are the rules
    1.A student who fails any non final year module will be required to undertake a reassessment for that module. A student who fails a final year module will be required to resit, but only where a module mark is below an aggregation score of 5.

    2.Both final and non-final year students will be given the opportunity to undertake reassessment within the same academic year in which they made their first attempt.

    3.All non-final year modules which are reassessed will be capped ata maximum aggregation of score of 9.

    So you will be given the chance to resit this year, probably during the summer. It will be capped at 9 i.e a 3rd. I am unsure if thats the final grade or just the exam you take.

    Not sure what yiou wnat otherwise, just resit it and dont fail. If you cnat get a third then you shouldnt be there. I would look at your query in more detail, but I dont tbhink you have to consider other options, just pass the exam.
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Updated: June 2, 2016
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