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Making a university appeal

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    I'm about to finish my final year of university and I haven't had all my second semester results yet but the way things are going I'm borderline between a 2:2 and a 2:1. In first and second years my averages were solid 2:1s and from an objective point of view, most modules this year weren't much worse than the ones in previous years in terms of difficulty.

    This year I think I may have seriously underachieved due to severe anxiety and if I end up with a 2:2 I plan on appealing on the grounds of mitigating circumstances. The problem is, I might not have enough evidence to prove that anxiety hindered my progress.

    I haven't spoken to any of my tutors about my problems due to a combination of shame, embarrassment and feeling that I need to "get on with it". This is a problem I've always had with my mental health - I didn't even tell family or friends when I was severely depressed and self harming a few years ago.

    However, my history of depression and anxiety can be confirmed by my GP and I am currently on antidepressants.

    I'm planning on speaking to my GP soon about my problems but I fear that the university might not take it seriously because I didn't tell anyone before exams and it might come across as making excuses for poor results, assuming my results turn out as bad as I expect them to.

    Can anyone give any advice? This has all been overwhelmingly stressful for me.

    What about Uni counseling servie or a therapist? Hopefully you have a good rapport with your tutors and lecturers? The more independent support you can get the better.
    Go and take advice from the SU, read up on the rules so you understand exactly what they are looking for.
    Find out when you need to put your claim in by. It may have to be before.

    You need to talk to your tutor.

    I'm not sure you can submit extenuating circumstances AFTER your exams - you are going to have to talk to your tutor about it.
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