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sex jokes are ruining friendship

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    im 17 and a 15 year old guy started working with me on sunday. we started to get on really well, singing & dancing to the radio, helping each other out when it got super busy etc. it is the first time i have not given a **** and had fun with a straight guy in a loooooong time. it was so much fun.
    BUT we were both working on monday too and he made it weird. he asked me if i wanted a threesome with his girlfriend, then asked me for my number, then made sex noises around me and then asked me to give him 'a private dance'. I just laughed and shrugged it off cause i thought he was teasing me, and i still think he is, but all my colleagues started to catch on and have been talking about me and then going silent when i enter the room.
    I dont understand what happened?? I really like this guy as a friend and i know he's decent because when he accidentally bashed one of the trays into my ass he looked really embarrassed and apologetic.
    How do i make him back off with the sex jokes but still have a good time with him?
    also why do i feel so weird about it? i haven't worked since monday and I'm going in tomorrow and i have just felt shaky and unable to think about anything else since then. I don't even think he's working tomorrow and yet i kind of hope he is because even with the sex jokes he makes it so much more enjoyable. I have social anxiety and maybe it's cause i haven't even had my first kiss yet let alone had sex, which he clearly has. idk this is really long, if you have some advice i'd appreciate it!

    Raise it with your manager, especially as you are both children.

    He probably really likes you but doesn't wanna get into a friendzone

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    (Original post by Reue)
    Raise it with your manager, especially as you are both children.
    he is aware of it. he told me that this guy was 'taking advantage of me' and that wherever i am he is not far behind'. i'm not sure if he's said anything specifically to this guy but he was talking to another one of the 16 year olds who must've said something about me as my manager asked if he'd tried anything on me. he hadn't but i know he's keeping an eye out.
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    (Original post by TS21)
    He probably really likes you but doesn't wanna get into a friendzone

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    we've legit known each other two days and he has a girlfriend!! i have already told him it aint gunna happen!
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Updated: June 1, 2016
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