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History GCSE Vietnam 12 marker

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    'Nixon's policy on Vietnamisation was the main reason he was unable to end the war successfully in Vietnam'
    Can anyone help me answer this 12 marker (Aqa) in Vietnam topic

    ~Nixon came to power(1968) promising to end the war. His policy of Vietnamisation was the handing over of military duties for the protection of S.Vietnam to the ARVN, and the withdrawal of American forces
    ~It was a clear intent not to win the war, but to 'pound them to the table', with the Paris Peace Accords signed in 1973
    ~The ARVN were not very competent by themselves, as proved by Op. Lam Son 273 in Laos, where the American air support suffered heavy losses due to the ARVN's ground weaknesses
    ~Ultimately the withdrawal that followed the Paris Accords led to the Fall of Saigon, and an American evacuation of Vietnam. Despite this, when Nixon came to power he could have arguably pushed on as Westmoreland wanted (200,000 more men and two years) and actually won the war, as the last of the VC had been destroyed during Tet.
    ~Nixon's desire to direct the ARVN and the remaining Americans towards Laos and Cambodia was a poor move, and not a result of Vietnamisation. Unnecessary money was spent on these campaigns in 'neutral' coutries.
    ~Nixon really had no choice in the matter; the public was disgruntled as the US had entered the war with no clear war aim-you could then expand this to talk about protests, $66mn/day costs, conscription etc.
    ~The physical nature of the ground fighting-guerilla tactics in comparison to earlier US tactics(which had proved vexing for both the peasants and Americans back home) had turned the war in the North's favour.
    Then reach a concluion
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