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Elderly People

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    The topic If an elderly is rude towards me why cant I be rude towards her posted by nerdling_CompSci got me thinking about Elderly people and that is elderly people are all the same they are bad tempered and rude as they're allowed to be rude to other people while they aren't allowed to be rude back

    They complain about modern society of not having respect what about them they themselves show little respect towards others for example they never give up a seat on a bus to anyone such as a pregnant woman or a person with young children and when you are being polite to them for example when you hold a door open for them or stand to one side to allow them to pass by and they never bother to say thank you

    The ones who still drive are a pain to other road users and if anyone on here who drives may know what I mean. While the elderly people that use mobility scooters tend to ride them in the road as well as parking them in parking spaces or park them in door ways so that no one else can get in or out of a shop or blocking a Aisle so that no one can get past or get an item from the shelf

    Elderly people also tend to hold up lines in shops and everyone else has to wait just to pay for a single item along with wasting their own GP's time when there's nothing medically wrong. Elderly people aren't as nice, sweet and innocent that most people make them out to be as it is just an act to get away with what ever they want

    Massive generalisations there. Like in every age group, you get rude old people and nice old people. Most of the oldies I've dealt with have been perfectly pleasant and polite.

    Don't agree with this generalisation.

    Heh @ generalisation city.


    Not fair to generalise I think, old people are people just like everyone else so the idea they are ALL sweet and kind or ALL mean and grumpy is just not right. With regards to respect etc, do bear in mind how horrible being old actually is..half the people they've grown up with have died, they can't walk more than a few hundred metres at a time, often have chronic pain in various parts of their body, any day could be their last. So for that reason I give them some leeway, but yeah I don't think it gives them an excuse to be a hypocrite or anything.
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