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What Leeds accommodation should i choose?? (2016)

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    Best self catered? is it worth spending more on a nicer accommodation??

    Maybe we can help you – we certainly think its worth spending more on private accommodation.
    There are a whole host of reasons to book at Briggs House next year and as all your bills are covered, the only thing you would have to worry about is food!

    Check out Briggs House now.

    • All inclusive bills
    • 100 MBPS internet access
    • FREE contents insurance
    • No extra cost for living as a couple
    • Amazing social spaces with regular events
    • On site management Monday – Friday
    • On site security out of hours and weekends
    • Private garden – access for residents only
    • 37” TVs in all shared apartment kitchens

    Our Open Days are every Wednesday between 10am – 4pm but you can visit us anytime between 9am to 5:30pm, Monday – Friday.
    If a weekend or evening is better for you then get in touch and to book a viewing that is more suitable for you.


    Contact Details:
    0113 323 8501
    [email protected] o.uk

    Most of the halls are self catered so you've got a lot of choice! (I would definitely recommend going self catered)
    Personally, I think it's worth saving a bit of money and going for a cheaper halls, but it depends how much you care about your surroundings! I've found that it's much more about who you're sharing with, which obviously you can't choose. The big question is if you can cope without an ensuite. The nicest halls as far as I'm concerned are leodis and central village (I prefer leodis and it's slightly cheaper, plus it's less over subscribed, but central village's location is perfect). Henry Price is great as you practically get an ensuite (shared with 1 other person), but quite oversubscribed so you're not guaranteed to get this choice. I've lived in Montague Burton for the past year and I really like it - you share a bathroom with 4 other people but you get a sink in your room.
    Feel free to ask questions about any of the other halls, these are just the ones that I know the most about!
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Updated: June 13, 2016
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