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V980 – Schools (Academisation) Bill 2016

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    V980 – Schools (Academisation) Bill 2016, TSR Labour Party

    Schools (Academisation) Bill 2016

    An Act to introduce a consistent management and control structure for schools.

    BE IT ENACTED by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

    1: Remit
    (1) This Act applies to all community schools, foundation schools, voluntary-aided schools, academies, free schools and city technology colleges.
    (2) For the purposes of this Act, “School” refers only to schools under the remit of this Act.

    2: Funding and Control
    (1) The Department for Education has responsibility for the following:
    (1) a. Provision of funding to schools.
    (1) b. Development of an education strategy, closing, opening and amalgamating schools.
    (1) c. Creation of a National Curriculum.
    (1) d. Regulation of teachers’ pay and conditions.
    (1) e. Determination of admissions criteria.
    (1) f. Determination of school holidays within the framework laid down in law.
    (2) County councils have responsibility for the following:
    (2) a. Assignment of schools to pupils and implementation of admissions criteria.
    (2) b. Provision of contracted services (including catering and transport) to schools where they currently do so.
    (3) School governing bodies have responsibility for the following:
    (3) a. Appointment of members of school staff, including teachers and headteachers.
    (3) b. Re-contracting of contracted services.
    (4) All powers remain exercised by whomever exercised them previously unless mentioned in this section.

    3: National Curriculum
    (1) The requirements of the National Curriculum are applicable to all schools.
    (2) The following will be integrated into and become compulsory parts of the National Curriculum:
    (2) a. Sex and Relationships Education
    (2) b. Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship
    (2) c. Religious Education

    4: Extent
    (1) This Act extends to England and Wales.

    5: Commencement
    (1) The provisions of this Act come into force on the 1st of September 2018.

    6: Short Title
    (1) This Act may be cited as the Schools Act 2016.

    Currently we have a mishmash of different school types in England. The RL Government’s plan to turn all schools into academies would have provided much-needed consistency, but academies are exempt from the National Curriculum and Government guidelines for teachers’ pay and conditions, amongst other things.

    In Wales there is a consistent system of traditional local authority control of schools as in pre-2010 England. This means that, given the strange situation where teachers’ pay and conditions has not to this point been devolved to Wales, the pay and conditions guidelines set by the Department for Education in England apply to all state schools in Wales, but not to academies in England. From a TSR perspective, given the Education (Wales) Act 2015, this ridiculous situation does not exist to the same extent, if only because the DfE is responsible for all education policy in Wales.

    The solution is somewhat of a compromise, with significant powers removed from local authorities (I know from personal experience that an over-meddling county council can be very harmful to schools) and returned to central government as with academies, but all schools are also required to follow the National Curriculum and pay and conditions regulations.

    The reference to school holidays is part of an upcoming plan to standardise school holidays in England and Wales.

    Aye. Not every part of this Bill delights me, but it's better than the status quo.


    Can we get some debate from the nay voters as to their reasons for being against this bill?

    (Original post by KomradeKorbyn)
    Can we get some debate from the nay voters as to their reasons for being against this bill?
    Division should be debate free.

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    (Original post by Jammy Duel)
    Division should be debate free.

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    There's no good reason for it to be.
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