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Earth Science/Geography Access Course?

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    Hey everyone,

    So basically long back story I want to go to university to study geography; however I did not take A-levels (even though my teachers encouraged me to) because I wanted to be a Vet Nurse so I (was stubborn) thought that an Animal Management course would be better suited to what I want as I thought no a-levels were related to vet nursing (always wanted to be a VN but always had geography in the back of my mind). Anyway I got into uni, loved the academic side, hated the job (7 y/o me childhood dream crushed) so I left.

    So anyway.....

    I'm desperate to study Geography BSc(Hons) --- I like the physical more than human but would like the broad degree overall !!! Even throughout my college course and VN degree I was contemplating if I'd made the right decision --- obviously not.

    So I've applied to study Earth Science Access to HE course at a college but I haven't heard anything back! So if I never hear anything back or do not get in to the course I'm kind of screwed really.

    So please does anyone have any advice or recommendations for this big predicament I am in???

    Or even any experiences from earth science Access Courses to ultimately help you get a place in uni. Or any courses I will literally take anything right now XD.

    Thank you.

    There's no point making multiple threads asking the same question, you will just keep getting the same answer. See here: http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/show...41&postcount=2

    (Original post by J3zz)

    So I've applied to study Earth Science Access to HE course at a college but I haven't heard anything back! So if I never hear anything back or do not get in to the course I'm kind of screwed really.
    If a reasonable amount of time has passed, I'd suggest ringing them up to see how your application is going.

    Alternatively, look into universities offering foundation degrees. The first example I found:


    Hi, I was in a similar (kind of) situation last year. I didn't do A-levels because I wanted to join the police, wasn't too keen on where it was going and had always been really interested in geography. I had been self learning Geog A-level because I was interested in it. I relocated to London with my partner who had a new job so I quit my job and decided it would be a great time to pursue a geography degree.I too prefer the physical side of geography. I enrolled on an earth science access course at Richmond College around August last year, that got cancelled as I was the only person on the course!!! So instead I enrolled on a sciene access course. It was really hard finding something other than earth science that was suitable for geography but I was advised that a science course would be good for Bsc Geography. I did pretty well, most of the science course had very little to do with geography but it will be useful when I come to study geography at QMUL in September. What college have you enrolled on earth science at? I wouldn't worry too much because you have plenty of time to get on an access course if anything goes wrong with this one. I enrolled in September for mine! The course had already started and it was because of my other course being cancelled that I had to do it this way. Good luck!
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Updated: July 31, 2016
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