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GCSE english language edexcel Romeo and Juliet

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    Does anyone know roughly how many marks this would gain in the actual exam for question 3 on Romeo and Juliet if the theme was loyalty?

    Loyalty is significant during act 2 when Romeo visits the Capulet mansion. Shakespeare focuses on the romantic love and specifically the intense passion when Romeo and Juliet first meet. Although they are from rival families, Romeo and Juliet declare that their love is more important than the family feud. This demonstrates their love for each other. Romeo is also risking his life by being in the Capulet garden, this shows his loyalty and commitment towards her. The quote 'O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art though Romeo?' shows that Juliet craves Romeo's absence when he is not there and this demonstrates loyalty. Romeo also compares Juliet's beauty to light, for example, 'bright angel...'Juliet is the sun'. This shows how Romeo admires Juliet. It is blatant that Romeo and Juliet are loyal to each other as they decide to marry. This scene tells the audience it is a play about overflowing love and loyalty. It also creates tension for the audience as they know their love will cause problems as they are from rival families. Arranged marriages were extremely common in those times so Juliet is being disobedient to her father by getting married without his consent, disobedience was seen as a crime so the audience will be eager to know what the consequences will be. The references to death also foreshadow the tragedies to follow.

    its a really good paragraph, but since you have not focused on both structure and language, you will not get high bands. You need to pick out specific language features like the noun 'angel' is premodifyed by the adjective 'bright' and then the affect of that. The effect on the reader, comtempary and modern needs to be considered. on its own it will not achieve high marks, but add another two paragraphs with structure, you will do great.
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Updated: June 3, 2016
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