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Football boots, better to be slightly tight or slightly slack?

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    I am a massive football fan, but rarely actually play it. I have been invited by a mate though to play in a charity match in July, with training starting this Saturday. I went out to buy some football boots today but was unsure which size to get.

    Usually when I get normal shoes I go for a size 9. When buying my boots today I was unsure whether to go for a size 9, or size 8.5. I tried the size 9 and it fit well, but there was a gap of about a cm at the front of the boot, between my toes and boot. I also tried the size 8.5 and this shoe felt tight, but there was not a gap at the front.

    I went for the size 8.5 as I thought it would be better to have boots that are slightly tighter, for 2 reasons really:
    1- Boots that are slightly too tight can slacken as you wear them. Also you can do the lace a bit slacker to get them to fit slightly better.
    2- I thought it would be better to have slightly tighter boots as your touch and shot will be better. If you have boots that have a gap at the front, even if only small, it will make you misjudge your touches.

    I went for a walk around the block in these 8.5 size boots tonight and I must admit that my feet were throbbing a bit after taking them off. But obviously I am hoping that they will stretch a bit.

    Anyway, I was just wanting input from anybody who plays football, and buys boots regularly. Is it better to have boots that are slightly tight, or is it better to have ones that feel more comfortable, even if they have a gap at the front? Obviously the best way to judge is to wear them on Saturday and see if they stretch after playing in them for a while, and see how my feet feel. Obviously though I can't take them back after wearing them though and they cost over £30, which is why I want some opinions before Saturday.

    Comfortable , should always be your first choice.If they aren't then you have to waddle around for 90 minutes with shoes that feel like they're about to explode.
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Updated: June 3, 2016
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