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MA (Master) Film Studies UCL vs. King's College London

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    Hello everyone, I received an offer to study Film Studies at a postgraduate level at both UCL and King's College London, I have some questions however, and I hope to find someone here on TSR enrolled in this program or who knows something about it.

    1) How is the Film department at UCL vs. King's College?
    2) Does the program offer interesting job prospects?
    3) Are there any internships possibilities?
    4) I've read a lot about the disorganization of the administration at UCL, is it true?
    5) Are you satisfied with the program in UCL or King's?

    Thank you

    I did my Film Studies MA at King's and would highly recommend it - it's packed full of world-leading Film Studies scholars and is an incredibly strong department - UCL's Film Department I know little about but King's is known to be one of the strongest departments around. All the lecturers I communicated with there were very friendly and helpful too which helped a lot when writing essays. And I feel it helped prepare me incredibly well for starting a PhD. Perhaps check the staff profiles of both departments to see which align more with your interests - but King's Film department does have most areas covered.

    Last year there was an internship module - check the website to see if it's running next year. As for job prospects I am uncertain - I did the MA as I wanted to progress onto a PhD and I feel much more confident about going into the PhD now after receiving great training at King's. I'm not really sure what kind of job would really require a Film Studies MA - I think it's something to do more out of pure interest or to lead on to a PhD - although I suspect if you wanted to try getting a job at a place like BFI or as a Film programmer/distributor or something like that, it certainly wouldn't hurt having a Film Studies MA!

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
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Updated: June 3, 2016
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