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Club culture dying out?

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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016
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    Not the mainstream meat markets, they can all ****ing die afaic but it does seem to me as if the original underground disco ethos which brought all sorts of disparate groups together and made new partnerships just seems to have totally gone out of fashion. Its almost as if the DJ is now a sideshow for the legions of students that crawl through the door in the sole attempt to throw as many shots/cans down their neck and take as many group photos as they can before pissing off at 3am. Alcohol and disco/house have never really been compatible anyway, the scene was miles better when most ***** where on E and water. Pretty tellingly aswell the best underground clubs manage to attract all different ages, races and social classes but so often you go out these and again and again its the same old 18-21 white ***** from Hants doing the group photo thing.

    U mad bruh

    You mean this sorta place?


    Times have changed but druggy club culture will never die

    In the dance scene there will always be people who are on something whether it's charlie, mandy etc.

    (Original post by IcEmAn911)
    You mean this sorta place?

    Lol that says 97 which tells you getting pissed at the club is nothing new...
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Updated: June 7, 2016
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