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Are these symptoms related & anything to worry about? (Periods)

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    FYI if you don't like period descriptions don't read this.
    So I'm 15 usually pretty healthy, and I've been fairly regular for about 3 years at least. On April 23rd (ish) I had my normal scheduled period, but it was abnormally light (brown dry and not really like fresh blood at all), but I shrugged it off. Then May 9th, 15 days before my next was due I had another. Didn't think much of it, it was annoying to have a bonus period and A LOT heavier than normal but I assumed it was just to make up for a lack of a proper period before. Then on the 30th May I had another, and especially today (June 2) it's been incredibly heavy, to the point of unbearable cramps and nearly passing out multiple times (this has never happened).
    I've also had about 6-8 inexplainable bruises, mainly on my thighs, all within about a month. Another time I lightly banged my knee and it bruised - this would never normally happen, I don't bruise much usually.
    I've also been extremely tired (but it is exams so) and have found myself getting very lightheaded if I stand up, a lot more than normal.

    Are these things possibly connected or am I overreacting over nothing?

    Thanks x

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    I get periods like that sometimes especially around now due to exams and stress however I think you should probably visit a doctor because of the pain and that! I wouldn't worry too much as periods are crazy, you'll be fine 😜 Maybe if you've had sex it could mean something else....
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Updated: June 3, 2016
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