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In trouble with the police regarding pepper spray...

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    So long story short;

    several years ago i got a couple of cans in the states not knowing it was even illegal here and theyve essentially just sat in my desk since then, i have known theyre illegal now but didnt know they were considered the same catagory as a machine pistol or C4 etc. not to mention i was rather nervous about disposing of them as if i were caught carrying them to a disposal site id be screwed and if i put them in my trash it could go off in the rubbish truck and get the bin man [pressurized after all]
    anyway due to something unrelated my place ws serched and the police found them and are charging me despite me having no priors or any kind of history of violence or anything...
    Does anyone know what i should expect to get in court [magistrates] e.g. jail/fine/community work etc.?

    You need to speak to your solicitor.
    You also need to see what they are charging you with.

    It looks like a charge under S5(1)b of the Firearms Act 1968.
    The offence is possession or purchase, both of which you have done.

    It doesnt make any difference in charging you, criminal record or not. You appear to have commited the offence.
    It's an offence triable either way, so you can let magistrates deal with it or go to crown court for jury trual. Its hard to see how you can deny the charge though.
    Magistrates can give you up to 6 months, a fine or CS. Talk to your solicitor.


    Cant say im convinced of the dispisal argument. They are obviously not considered with the same level of seriousness as C4 and machine pistols.
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Updated: June 3, 2016
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