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Nexplanon Implant - Before & After

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    Wondering if there's anybody who can tell me about their experience on the contraceptive implant Nexplanon. I've had it for just over a year and it's been awful (constant bleeding, bad mood swings, depression & huge weighted gain). Because they are not listed as proven side effects of the implant, it took me a while to realise how bad it got and what was causing it.

    I then came across a very VERY long thread of women having the same issues and worse online. I booked to have it removed but they advised me not to and to go on the pill on top of it. I have book again to have it removed and there's a long waiting list, having to wait 7 weeks?!?!

    I just want to know if there's anybody out there that had the implant and had problems, and managed to get it removed. Did it make a difference? Did you feel better? How long until the sides effect go? Is it worth the wait?

    Thanks a lot, Lily

    I haven't had the implant, but I was about to get it and change from cerezette (single hormone pill) to the implant when my doctor told me to have the injection instead because then this awful regular bleeding would hopefully stop. From what I know from my friends' experiences, having the implant out is quite quick (minus the waiting, have you spoken to the sexual health clinic near you? ) and the side effects go away quite quickly (although I know one who had some bleeding for a week after, probably withdrawal bleeding). But if you're not happy with the implant, definitely try the injection and DONT go on the mini pill because you're likely to have the same issues...

    I used to get horrible cramps and pains when I had the implant. I spoke to the gp about it several times and they insisted that it was linked to my IBS and not the implant. However, once I had the implant removed I never had any pain like it again.

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Updated: June 5, 2016
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