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How to stand a better chance of getting into dental school?

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    I am going to do 2 weeks of work experience this summer at my dentist. How much work experience is recommended? Also, I have between now and October to do some volunteering, but I have no idea what type to do and how long to do it for. Finally, are there any other ways apart from volunteering and work experience to fortify my application?

    A lot of universities specify at least 2 weeks work experience. Aside from that it's just as important what you learn as much as the time spent. Try and see if you can visit different dental settings to broaden the range of your experience.

    There is no set activity that will get you into dental school. It's a competition and you need to just present the strongest application you can. Don't take the attitude of what can I get away with. Volunteering will be of more value if it involves caring it working with the public as these are useful skills for dentists.

    Most dental schools will stipulate how much work experience you have to do on their website. What I thought was really key in getting accepted was the fact that I had done a range of different areas of work experience. I had been in general practice, with a dental technician, and also in maxfax surgery. This not only meant that my personal statement was more interesting as a result, but it also gave me an advantage when it came to the interview stage.

    There is no set list of activities that you should do, but my advice would be to make your existing activities bend to your advantage. For example, I used to be involved in a drama club at school, which sounds like it isn't at all related to dentistry, however in my personal statement, I showed that being involved in a school production meant I could work to a deadline, and also perform in a group and under pressure. Play to your strengths, and good luck!
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