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Looking For Summer Job - Help

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    Hi, I've never posted on here before. So I am currently a 21 year old student, who has just finished my 3rd year at university, and am going back to do my final (honours) year in September.

    I have been getting on mostly OK with my studies, but now I am looking for a job (In my universities city) between now and then. The big problem with this is I have never actually had a job before of any kind (other than a placement when I was 15), and know very little about the world of work and the best way to go about getting a job.

    I have made up a CV and handed it out to a bunch of local shops (truthfully most of them I wasn't all that interested in working for), and got an interview from a local computer shop (something I am interested in), I pretty much blew the interview (it was my first ever real job interview), mostly due to lack of experience. But I am mostly fine with this, and find the idea of trying to get more interviews a lot more daunting and stressful than the actual interview itself. I have also tried looking online, but have found most job sites to be ridiculously stupid, with tonnes of completely irrelevant job, and pages and pages of useless information to fill out.

    I am mostly financially secure, courtesy of my parents, and have thought about maybe doing some volunteering, but I feel very guilty about this, as I have never earned any money my whole life. A part of me also thinks I don't really deserve a chance because of this, and the fact that I've never really done a whole lot else other than my studies. I would ideally like something that I would actually be good and enjoy to some degree, but I'm really not a very social person, and my only real passion is working with computers (mostly programming, but also interested in Hardware).

    Sorry for the long and maybe a bit backwards post but I would really like some pointers on how someone like me should go about getting a summer job, and whether I am going about it completely wrongly. I very much feel that my current approach is like finding a needle in a haystack and feels like a complete waste of time, and is making me very stressed. I have found it much easier just to ignore the problem a lot of the time, but am going slowly insane with doing essentially nothing all day, every day. And I really do want to get something. Thanks.

    *Edit - Also just noticed this is in the wrong section, it should be moved to part time and temporary employment.

    Try using the studentjob website

    A lot of these first jobs are about who you know, not what you know. I got my first paid job in the summer before starting university due to connections, and ended going back every summer. That said, volunteering also seems a good option. I've done a lot of volunteering and it definitely gives my CV an extra boost.

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Updated: June 7, 2016
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