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Physio-led exercise classes for work experience

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    I came across threads here when I was trying to find out about getting work experience, so this seems like a good place to share.

    I've been volunteering at an exercise class for people with chronic lung conditions for a couple of years and it's been great experience. I work directly with physiotherapists, get to properly help patients, and I've picked up a lot of knowledge in a way that isn't going to happen with a day of shadowing anywhere. I got this position by applying to volunteer with an NHS trust, but it took nine months from making my first enquiry to getting a place. (Apparently not all trusts are that slow so don't be put off if you can't wait that long, but I do suggest applying immediately if you think you might want to do NHS volunteering.)

    More recently I've started volunteering at a falls prevention class, because I saw a flyer in a waiting room and thought it was worth an email. I only meant to go along once or twice to check it out, but I've ended up sticking around to help because otherwise there's only one person doing everything and it's useful to have someone else there. She's tried some avenues to find a volunteer but hasn't had much success, but there are always prospective students looking for physio work experience so there must be people who could really benefit from the role.

    So, if you're in Brighton and Hove and interested in volunteering at this class, send me a PM. It's on Tuesday morning except during the school summer holiday when it will be on Saturdays if it goes ahead.

    If you live elsewhere and you have some time available, see if you can find a class to volunteer at. Apart from searching online, your GP surgery would probably be a good place to look or ask, plus places that deal with older and/or disabled people.
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Updated: June 3, 2016
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