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Failed re submission

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    I've just been informed today that I am being removed from my course pending ratified marks. I was unable to submit first time due to technical error (the submitting system wouldn't let me submit) and had to re submit a month ago. The critiquing was very short, he didn't think I appropriately structured the essay in terms of the questions, but that was his only critique. There was also my module teachers name on it, but there were no comments from her and no peer mark (that I could see). I'm quite upset as I'm at the end of my second year now, and completely unsure of what to do. I'm going to try and actually see the marker and get his reasoning behind the grading. While I understand academically his critique, I don't feel like I did badly enough to fail (I got 34%) and I am trying to get some proof reading done by one of the other lecturers of the module, but otherwise I feel like I'm at a total loss.
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    I think this in the wrong forum, but unsure of how to move it

    (Original post by Marty'sCalvin's)
    I think this in the wrong forum, but unsure of how to move it
    It probably is in a forum.

    In terms of your issue, just try and appeal using the process outline din the student handbook.

    For me, the question is if you are doing that badly, is it worth continuing on your current course? Is this a one off on a module or are you continually getting bad grades? If it is the latter, it maybe is worth considering your options i.e. whether it is worth doing another course, trying to get your degree a different way or just doing something completely different.

    You dont really give much information.
    As said above you need to look at your departmental rules on how they deal with people failing a module. Every university has slightly different rules.
    It would also depend what your course was.

    Go and get the help of a student adviser in the students union and they can help discuss what your options are. You might be able to appeal or there may be a chance to resit the module again.

    If you are getting 34% then there seems to be a significant difference between what they want and what you gave them.

    If you have to retake a module then be aware about funding. Pay for it yourself rather than let SFE pay or check it wouldnt use a years funding up as that could lead to them resuing to fund you for the rest of your course.

    1. Find out the rules and procedure.
    2. Decide what course of action to take i.e appeal , resit or reatake.
    3. Decide hwo you will fund it.
    4. You must work out why you failed, it should be apparent to anyone on basic things such as not answering the question. Toy cnat afford to submit work that falls so far below the required standard. You will need help in undestanding where you are going wrong, but it sounds basic.

    Dont lose hope.
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Updated: June 4, 2016
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