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Need Advice on Law School

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    Ihave always wanted to be a lawyer my entire life. It's been my goalsince I was a child and hasn't changed since, even at 25 years old. However, due to variouscircumstances I find myself unsure of how to proceed to achieve thisgoal and hope that someone out there can help me figure out what Isthe best course of action. Here's a little background:

    Iam from Canada, studied at a university there and after 4 yearsobtained my Hon. B.A in Political Science with a minor in history.Unfortunately I spent a little too much time having fun and my grades suffered up until my final year when I got myself together. Inmy fifth year I did an academic exchange in France, where I studiedBusiness and French and obtained a diploma in International Business(with a 'mention Bien'). After returning to Canada I returned to myAlma-mater for another year there to improve my grades, continuestudying French, and complete an upgrade of my History minor into asecond Hon. B.A. This time my grades were significantly better thanmy first 3 years there. At this time I also wrote the LSAT twice witha highest score of 155 and applied to almost all law schools inOntario, although I unfortunately did not gain acceptance to any ofthem.

    Feelingsomewhat hopeless and unsure what to do, I moved to Germany to learnthe language and work for the year while I figure things out. I havebeen here for a year now, speak B2 level German, and yet have noclearer idea how or where I could attend law school. I should alsonote that I am in the process of obtaining EU citizenship so thatshould hopefully open up some other options as well. Now I have beenwondering if I should/can take classes somewhere (maybe online?) to upgrade marks,write the LSAT again, do an internship, etc.

    Ionce considered studying law in the UK although I was/am unsurewhether that is worth it, considering the difficulties with beingable to practice in Canada and questions over job potential in theUK, especially being a foreigner. I am open to studying and workinganywhere within Canada or Europe and can potentially get by in Germanor French if that is a suitable course.

    Apologiesfor the long post, just wanted it to cover everything that might berelevant. I hope someone out there can shed a little light on mysituation! Thank you for reading and any advice you can provide!
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Updated: June 3, 2016
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