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Options for International Students

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    Hi, I am an international student about to start studying law this September. I am quite inclined towards migrating from my country and my first option would be to obtain a training contract and become a solicitor in the UK. But as I've read everywhere, it's pretty competitive and chances could be quite low. Regarding this, I have several questions.
    1. Is there any other country I could use my UK law degree (without having to take extra uni courses and such) to take a course to qualify as a solicitor and ultimately practise there?
    2. Can I practise law in any parts of the EU with my UK law degree?
    3. Are there jobs for international law graduates at organisations like the UN and such?


    I'm in the same boat as you except I'm in my final year studying law at Cardiff. From what I've gathered reading and asking around, it is totally possible for you to get a TC + work permit to remain in the UK. However, the UK has pretty strict guidelines for overseas hires, so you must be a truly exceptional candidate/capable of offering something unique to the law firm before they accept you.

    Yes, most common law countries do have conversion courses that let you practice as a UK taught lawyer, I'm aware of Australia, Malaysia. Singapore and India at present that have such schemes in place. Historically, commonwealth countries have based their legal systems on that of the UK, so a lot of countries allow you to practice as a lawyer if you've qualified in the UK - assuming you have completed the QLD + BPTC, you can then undertake your pupillage in your target country. However, make sure your target country allows for non-residents/non-citizens to do the pupillage in their jurisdiction!

    I think by the time you wrap up your degree, you won't be able to freely work in the EU any longer, besides this freedom of movement is/was restricted to EU citizens anyway. But this will depend on different things.

    Yes! There are FB groups/pages dedicated to different UN departments/groups which advertise openings. You can sign up to job alerts on official UN sites or apply for an internship/placement within a UN office in your region, which will give you an opening into the UN-sphere. There are also nationality-specific programmes open for certain individuals you might want to consider.
    You'll need to build up your work experience in the area of your interest and maybe brush up on French/native language of the target country you want to work in. Try to take an active role in community/social welfare and set yourself apart as an exemplary candidate.

    Good luck!
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