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The Catch 22 of Marriage: Stay at Home wife vs Career wife

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    So guys if you're well read enough you probably know marriage in today's western society is pretty much a no hope situation if you're a man, and here will touch on one of the many reasons why.

    When you get married one decision will have to make with wife is when you have kids whether she becomes more stay at home mom or career mom. While each has its pros, but both situations are ultimately bad for the man. Here's why

    Stay at home mom Pros:

    --Kids get raised better

    --You can concentrate on your job & career progression more

    Stay at home mom cons:

    --Divorce rape to the fullest extent because judge will say wife is financially dependent on you so when you divorce say goodbye to half your salary

    --Less total income to do things like buy house, vacation, etc.

    Career woman pros:

    --Divorce rape less severe as she is earning a salary so judge will say she doesn't need as much alimony

    --More total income for you to live lavishly

    Career woman cons:

    --Kids raised by strangers in formative years (that's how your kids end up like jaden smith)

    --you will probably have to do some housework since you're both too busy to do it all

    --Higher risk of her own infidelity, since she is less dependent on you and women are hypergamous as hell and always looking out for more superior dink to ride

    So whatever you choose it's a bad deal, but tbh given 50% divorce rate if you wanna minimise divorce rape, probably best to tell her ass to get back to work after she pops them kids out

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    Anyone have any perspectives on this?

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    (Original post by Nidhoggr)
    Anyone have any perspectives on this?

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    Its just one of life's trade-offs. There are similar pros and cons for women.

    I don't think this is a new problem. It basically boils down to the problem that we have finite time. If you want to spend longer at work, it means less time doing other things. If you want to spend longer at home, you can't work as much. That's life.

    Or you could alternate between who works, child has a better relationship with both parents, no one is dependent on each other and not as sexist for all of those OTT feminists
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Updated: June 5, 2016
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