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No sex before marriage why?

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    So I need to be convinced to not loose my virginity. I only want arguments FOR this. Serious answers only this is a serious question because I feel like I am about to get really messed up.

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    The only valid argument I can come up with for this is 'it feels right for you'. I suppose it might save some sexual relationship angst, presuming you are lucky enough to find a good partner for marriage at the right time. I did have a friend who had numerous bfs and tangled love live but resolved never ever to live with a partner as she wanted to save something to make marriage special.

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    so i need to be convinced to not loose my virginity. I only want arguments for this. Serious answers only this is a serious question because i feel like i am about to get really messed up.

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    same srsly

    If you don't want to do something like this, actually doing it is unlikely to be a good idea.

    But why do you need 'convincing'?

    Becuase the person u do with it might leave u and u will get hurt really badly if u do it as u shared more physical contact, and maybe that person you do is not the one you spend your whole entire life with and maybe u would like to do it with someone you spend the whole life with so you do not regret do it with ur ex

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    First off, its your body and you should feel comfortable, confidant and safe with whatever you're doing. A lot of the time people dont consider the mental toll that sex before marriage can take on you. You'd be worrying about your family finding out (if they are against it) and like people judging you etc. If you know you wont be able to deal with it its not worth putting yourself under all that pressure.
    Also if you go into it with the attitude that its gonna mess you up, more times than some it will. So, unless you are a hundred percent that you trust and have confidence in yourself and you're partner don't do it.
    And hunny remember its your life so do what makes you feel good about yourself now and in the long run.

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Updated: June 7, 2016
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