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Computer Science + Collingwood Questions

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    Hi - I have a few questions for any Computer Science/Collingwood students at Durham.

    How are you finding the Computer Science course? I'm trying to decide between Durham and Bristol and both look lovely however I'm worried the Durham course is too theoretical/exam based.

    How is the food at Collingwood? I'm a picky eater and I'm worried that I'll dislike the food there, although I'm on the road to eating better. What's usually on the menu?

    Also, how does Durham fare as a city? I've read a bunch of posts claiming it's a boring city with very little to do and another bunch of posts claiming it's not that bad. I don't think I'll go clubbing/partying much but the lack of general stuff to do worries me a bit. I've also heard that some students go to Newcastle every now and then but I'm not sure how feasible that would be in terms of money.

    Thanks - any help would be much appreciated.

    I can't talk about Computer Science but I thought I'd let you know my thoughts on the rest of you post

    I'm not at Collingwood but as far as I know food is standardised across all colleges, so it's pretty similar across Durham. As an example, my college has its menu on the JCR website (http://community.dur.ac.uk/trevelyan.jcr/?page_id=116), so although that isn't specifically for Collingwood, it should be fairly similar to what you would get. (I can't see a menu anywhere on the Collingwood JCR website, but feel free to have a look and see if it's up there.) In my college, the menu is on a three-week cycle and changes each term - from what I've heard from friends, it's similar elsewhere, but I don't know for sure. There are definitely some differences between colleges (for example, I know that some places get brunch on both Saturday and Sunday), but the meals listed on the menu should be a good representation of what's available.

    There are usually about four hot meal options (two vegetarian) at lunch and dinner, and in my college there's also always soup, so I usually find something I'd like to have. At lunch, my college also has jacket potatoes and a small selection of wraps/sandwiches, which you can have if you don't take a hot option. There's also a variety of salad and vegetables and stuff at pretty much every meal except Sunday lunch, so you can fill up on those if all else fails. I don't know how this varies between colleges though.

    I really love Durham as a city because it isn't too big - everything is close - but I can understand being concerned about finding stuff to do. It might be an idea to think about what you'd like to be involved in, and then see whether that's something Durham offers. There are loads of societies, both within college and as a part of the DSU (Durham Students' Union), which I've found really good for finding activities and trying out new things. If you have your mind on something in particular, you can have a look on the DSU website (http://www.durhamsu.com/main-menu/activities/societies) or your college website, and see if it's available.

    Outside of stuff offered by the uni, Durham does have some clubs and bars etc, and a few museums, and a high street too. Obviously as Durham is fairly small, it might not be able to offer the same range of these as a bigger place like Bristol could do. I'd suggest thinking about what's most important to you in a place to live. I've certainly found that with societies and stuff going on in college and my department, I've had plenty to keep me busy!

    In terms of going to Newcastle, I don't know many people who go to Newcastle regularly, but a return on the train is about £5 with a railcard or I think £7ish without one - which isn't too bad if you just want an afternoon out or something.
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    The menus do scare me a bit. I'll need to go on a trying spree from now till October if I'm going to survive - I'm just worried that I won't like anything I try and I'll be miserable when I'm there due to only being able to eat potatoes.
    I couldn't find anything about Collingwood's menu either, I've just been able to find a few pictures but they don't show much.

    I can see myself getting involved in a few of the societies so I'm not too worried about that. I do like time to myself every now and then which makes me a little concerned with the tight community though.
    Thank you for the help - it's much appreciated.

    Hi, I'll be studying Natural Sciences in Collingwood in October,

    I was just wondering about the catering. on the website it says Collingwood is fully catered, does that mean that you don't pay for catering, or do you still get the choice of self-catered, or catered with the extra cost?

    (Original post by Roshan1129)
    Hi, I'll be studying Natural Sciences in Collingwood in October,

    I was just wondering about the catering. on the website it says Collingwood is fully catered, does that mean that you don't pay for catering, or do you still get the choice of self-catered, or catered with the extra cost?
    Being fully catered means the cost of meals is included in your accommodation costs which you pay to your college, the amount is fixed unless you get the Durham grant - in that case it's £2000 off your bill.
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