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case study notes anyone?

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    Hey guys,
    Anyone got notes for the cyclone nargis in theme 2 and Karen and kibera in theme 1?

    aren't they on the internet??
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    no thats why I asked on TSR!

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    (Original post by Naomeyz_01)
    no thats why I asked on TSR!

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    alright i got some hold on...

    Cyclone Nargis - 2nd May 2008 at the Irrawaddy Delta in Burma

    Strong winds up to 135mph
    Storm surge of 7.6metres
    Heavy rainfall

    Primary Impacts:
    - 140,000 people killed
    - 450,000 homes destroyed
    - 200,000 farm animals killed
    -40% of food stores were destroyed
    - Rice fields were flooded on the Delta

    Secondary Impacts:
    - 3 million people made homeless
    - 70% of households had no access to clean water and diseases spread
    - shortage of food
    - 1000s temples destroyed
    - cost of damage: USD$10 billion

    Why was the damage greater in Burma than in an MEDC?
    - People in Burma depend on farming and livestock to live and survive and much of that was destroyed
    - They do not have flood defences because its unaffordable
    - Poor quality housing
    - Government failed to warn and evacuate people
    - Emergency services were not prepared - had little equipment or training

    Burmese government refused to accept foreign aid initially because the government is a military dictator

    - Aid was eventually allowed in but only 3 weeks after the cyclone
    - Aid from Bangladesh, India, Italy, Thailand, UK and USA included tents, food supplies, medicine, blankets and obviously money.

    Hope that helps!
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    thank you

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