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How to lose 3 pounds a week?

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    (Original post by Milzime)

    even then ngl it can be very different, depending on what I did/ate that week
    Exactly though but then you're actually tracking your weight by seeing the difference each week

    Leave it about somewhere. I'll be sure to take them.


    Idk about the fitness way tho. I only know how to gain pounds. But I'm guessing RIP good greasy food.
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    (Original post by 999tigger)
    We dont know your weight , age and height so impossible to say how realistic it is.
    When people tell you how much they lost, just remember you dont have their stats.
    Anything more than 1-2lbs a week thends tp be unhealthy and unsustainable.

    1lb a week tends to be more realistic especially if you intend to keep it off.

    You dont sound as though you know enough about how weight loss works OP.

    3lbs a week is a theoretcial 1500 calorie daily deficit. You are going to struggle with that unless you do large amounts of exercise.

    My age is 16
    Weight 59KG
    HEIGHT 5ft 1

    (Original post by mariah2011)
    My age is 16
    Weight 59KG
    HEIGHT 5ft 1
    I looked them up earlier.

    Your BMI is still a normal weight and you wnat to go down right to the boundary of normal weight and underweight.

    To lose 3lbs a week that is a 1500 calorie deficit. You do not weigh enough to manage this.

    Your daily calories is 1688, so without exercise to lose 3lbs a week your calorie allowance would be 188 calories a day. You would die.

    I see this time and again that people set the target without understanding how it works. The aim is you wnat to lose weight in a way that you cna sustain and keep off. If you go too severe you will get bored and binge becayse its unsustainable. You are also young so your body is still developing and it needs nutrition.

    Go and join sparkteens and a safe range to lose weight would be 0.5-1lb a week. Do not go by other people saying they lost Xlb a week, because they are not you. You dont weight much to begin with. When you dont have much to lose, then its harder as your body resists more.

    If it were me then I would do 1438 calories a day food only and 250 calories exercise. That would be 45mins to an hour. You should also weigh your food accurately. That would help you lose c 1lb a week if you did it properly and were patient. The exercise should be a mix of cardio and weights.


    How to loose weight.....
    Make sure your breakfast is healthy as the more healthy the quicker your metabolism will be all day. I have 2 shredded wheat with blueberries followed by a glass of water and sonetimes a cup of tea.
    Also speed walk everywere and have a good posture can help.
    Dont snack as much but if you do make sure it is fruit. Apples are the best as are 52 cal or bananas at 83 i think. However if you put yogurt in the middle of a rasberry and put in fridge for 30 mins it is delicious especialy in summer! Also because you have to suck as the yoghurt is frozen it takes longer to eat so you dont eat as much.
    Also drink lots but it is proven that you dont have to drink water continually just as long as it isnt fizzy and packed full of sugar.
    Lunch i have ryvita with cucumber which is refreshing and then have what ever i want for my tea.
    After tea i do 20min to 30min zumba and that is it! More to the point it is fun so makes you want to do it...especialy zumba as is a fitnes dance !

    That is really good if you are 16years old!!!! 9 STONE IS AN AMAZING WEIGHT AT 16!!!!!!
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Updated: June 4, 2016
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