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Passed Driving Test - VERY Dangerous Driver

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    I passed my test about 5 weeks ago and I hate driving, I am so dangerous!

    I have a car parked outside and I wish I didn't. Whenever I get in the car I get so angry and frustrated and I take it out on my boyfriend when I get home. If I go out driving in the day, the rest of the day I will be so mad and I won't be able to sleep unless I have a few drinks to calm myself down.

    I go somewhere in the car and I can't relax and enjoy where I am because I'm so worried about driving back. I had a panick attack as soon as I arrived somewhere and couldn't stay,mi had to drive back whilst panicking and it wasn't safe.

    I also can't make myself speed up, I have to get 20mph under the speed limit all the times. This annoys drivers but I can't make myself speed up, it just can't happen.

    I don't actually know what I'm doing half the time.mi shouldn't have passed my test. I didn't get tested on emergency stop, I don't know how to do it. I also don't know how to do hill starts, so when needed to do it I will probably roll back into the person behind me.

    All the more eh spent on lessons and cars and everything, it's all a waste. I don't wanna drive, I hate driving so much. My best friend got s new car and was so happy and I got my first one the next day and I hate it so much. It's so bad.

    No ones forcing you to drive? Just take the train or bus?

    And maybe get some refresher lessons or do pass plus or something

    Well maybe you can do the pass plus course?
    If you don't feel comfortable with driving, my only other advice is to not drive.
    Use public transport, walk or cycle.
    Driving is a great way of getting around but confidence is key, and I'm sure you're lacking there.
    I'm sure you're a perfectly good driver (you wouldn't have passed your test if you weren't safe!).

    you're probably no worse then some of the 80+ oldies that are the real danger on the road. have a few lessons, even two or three hours may make a big difference.

    I think you should trade your car in for one of these.


    Nah, this is completely normal. It's called being a woman driver.
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Updated: June 7, 2016
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