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    I think its pants but this is what i wrote for supporting info

    JD PS are on this link

    Since starting my post asa HR apprentice is September 2015, Ihave a range of skills and experiences.I have provided administrative support in many ways , I have entered andmaintained records in Oracle Productions (SBS) and used Microsoft excel to update spreadsheets which are used internally by my teams, I have used theseprogrammes and updated the data on themto ensure that all data held is accurate. I have also sorted incoming and outgoing post when I have been working on HRfrontline, I arrange the post into therelevant teams and then distribute it to the teams so they can action documentswhich have been received through thepost. I have used office equipment when needed to assist me in completing my duties. I have responded to employee queries in a number of ways, these include queries over email,which I respond to in a timely manor . I have also answered high volumes ofqueries over the phone in my time overHR frontline where I would of provided a professional customer service. I have also responded to queries face to face this iswhen I get queries from employees when attending there DBS appointment , I also carry out face to facecommunication when colleagues have any queries. I have used electronic storingsystem when saving documents under my teams directory on the internal server, Iwould mainly save forms and letters which I have sent out in the localdirectories. I have booked rooms andappointments when scheduling DBS and preemployment appointments for myself and colleagues which is providing administrative support tomy team. I respond to writtencorrespondence through the use ofemails and letters to answer any questions or queries, or to respond to whathas been sent to me. I regard all matters which can cause an health and safetyIssue very seriously and I ensure that none of my actions could result into a safety issue for myself or colleagues who areworking around me, I also regard equality as a important issue because everyone deserves to be treated fairly . Ipossess a grade C in English andMathematics, I am working towards alevel 2 in business administration, andwould be willing to progress to a level3 if necessary. I have experience of working in a busyoffice environment when working on HR frontline, the team has high volumes ofcalls and I assist the callers in answering and asking when I am unsure I will ask back office. I have used Oracle (SBS) HR view to help assist me with any queries in regards to anyinformation held on the system. I amcomputer literate and have used a rangeof different programmes and these include Microsoft word for document production , I have used SBS and Microsoft excel for dataentry and maintaining records to ensure they are accurate. I have never had a reason to use powerpoint,but can still use it to an advanced level. I have the ability to workwell in a team and work with others within the organisation because I communicate with others well and I’m flexible and open to change, I have worked in two different teamswhich are HR Administration and HR Frontline, so I have had to adapt to a range of contrasting duties . I can portray a positive professional image .I have many interpersonal skills such as good communication, problem solvingskills to identify and solve potential problems, I also have good listening skills. I also havegood transferable skills such as time management and working to internaldeadlines in terms of completing address changes and completing forms in the deadlines specified

    Too many I haves in there. And you wrote your skills like s shopping list at the end it doesn't look very professional.

    I confess, after counting three typos before I finished the first sentence, I stopped reading.

    This would go straight into the bin.

    EDIT: I gather you've taken this straight from a webform hence the odd formatting/missing spaces, so my comment was possibly a bit harsh. You've still got a typo in the first sentence though.
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Updated: June 6, 2016
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