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Is my list of preferences a bit extreme

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    (Original post by doctorwhofan98)
    Yeah... good look with that. I would say that I'm sure millions are lining up to meet you, but your preferences are so specific that I doubt there are millions of candidates.

    Some of them are fine (like "healthy teeth" and "be loyal") and some of them are normal preferences (like "not drink it do any drugs or dare smoke or vape") but a lot are simply unrealistic and controlling - surely you can't stop her using foul words, and an interest (or not) in celebrities shouldn't affect a relationship? And "come from a good home" is a bit ridiculous - surely someone's upbringing, from potentially years ago, isn't nearly as important as what they're like now?

    But if I do not swear, I mean I hate swearing.
    Because I do not want to talk about Kim k or whatever I trending on the daily mail, and gossiping about celebrities is stupid.
    Upbringing us what shapes you into who you are as a person, and it is very, very important.
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    (Original post by BrokenLife)
    Is it bad that I tick most of these?

    No, you should be happy.
    You're a gem
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    (Original post by rameen1)
    Everyone has their own preferences so I wouldn't worry about being too extreme. However, you have to keep in mind that no one is perfect but finding a girl who is exactly as you have just described is quite unlikely..

    I agree it is not easy to find such women in cities like london

    (Original post by Blue_Mason)
    In terms of finding a partner I have done a list

    No tattoos,no fake nails, no fake eyebrows, no piecing's,natural beauty, short shoulder length hair,no pets as I am not a cat or dog person,no dyed hair,no weaves or extension,doesn't really wear heels,wears modest clothing,educated,have hobbies, not be interested in celebrities,minimal make up,healthy teeth, she must have a good diet so no fatty foods,be loyal,she must be able to give me personal space, not be clingy in public,have life skills such as cooking,driving and hygiene,she must come from a good home, she must be motivated and have high standards, she must not swear or use foul words, must be polite when around company, not drink it do any drugs or dare smoke or vape, not overly be religious, well groomed, has to have a common interest
    LOL. Everything I've bolded is what I don't fulfill.
    (I only vape occasionally, when I'm with my brothers and I use their e-cigs 'cause why not)
    Tbh I don't think it's hard to find a girl that fulfills all of these, just requires a bit more searching than if you were to go for an average girl.

    Some of them yeah you're going to have to give or take when you meet a girl as I'm sure, as most girls here have pointed out, meet all but a few of these. Most girls are into celebs in some way but won't constantly talk about them (those who do tend to be obvious)

    No not extreme at all. You can choose exactly what you want, and it's not up to anyone else. You don't have to accept anyone who isn't like what you've described if you don't want to. You have every right to want those things in a partner.

    But as others have mentioned, there's not many girls like that around, if any.
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