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Employment Prospects/Experience Question

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    Hi guysI'm looking for a bit of advice.

    I've just finished my law degree and I haven't got the results yet but I'm confident I've achieved at least a 2:1 (from a non RG uni). I'm starting my LPC in September full time so I'll have jumped through all the necessary hoops to train by summer 2017. Here's my dilemma - I know I'm good enough to train. I recently got the AC of my dream firm for a vac scheme but didn't get it. I feel like I missed out by a hairs breadth from the feedback given. They loved my enthusiasm, could see that I was driven and motivated, they said I had a clear understanding of the firm and I did really well in the interview and the instruction taking exercise. The reason I didn't get the VS is because they thought I was too quiet in the group exercise despite starting out strong and I could do with brushing up on my commercial awareness. It was also my first ever AC so I didn't know what to expect, but I really feel like if I re-apply next year direct for a TC I'm in with a serious shot. Onto the dilemma. I've never really needed to work because I've had the support of my mum and SF. I had a night club job for a bit but quit when the late night shifts started interfering with my academics. However, I really feel like my mum could do with some help (I live at home and she's a single parent) so I'm looking for part time work, possibly even full time over the summer then dropping to part time come September. But I also wanted to take on some more voluntary work/charity work to improve on the pointers dream firm gave me (I.e. Something that demonstrates more teamwork). I feel like I could juggle the two over the summer, but I'm not sure about when it comes to September so I was just wondering whether people think it would be manageable? I don't want to start volunteering over the summer then having to break that commitment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    In case anyone is wondering, my cv experience wise looks like the following:
    2 years in a pro bono organisation (will be 3 years by the time I'm applying again/applying for jobs)
    Mini Pupillage
    Various informal work experience placements varying across both corporate/commercial and private client.
    Some county court work.
    Various networking events/open days
    A couple of legal based competitions (something else I'd like to have a few more goes at)

    Why not do some sort of sports team thing or community team thing? You can fit that in easily during LPC. You sound like yu will get a TC but don't just apply t me firm wi you?

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    (Original post by happyinthehaze)
    Why not do some sort of sports team thing or community team thing? You can fit that in easily during LPC. You sound like yu will get a TC but don't just apply t me firm wi you?

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    Hey, thanks for your response. Sport is definitely not my thing but thanks for the suggestion. I'm not sure what you were trying to say in the last part of your message
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Updated: June 6, 2016
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