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Choosing A level subjects for medicine+other questions

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    (Original post by starstudent7)
    Thank you.Oh wow, I really didn't know this. I have always thought it was compulsory to take maths or physics. After hearing this I may rethink maths alevel on results day.
    It definitely isn't compulsory. Take a subject you enjoy and are most likely to get an A in (with bio and chemistry of course).

    (Original post by ForestCat)
    It definitely isn't compulsory. Take a subject you enjoy and are most likely to get an A in (with bio and chemistry of course).
    Yeah of course! Thank you.
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    (Original post by grace_wh)
    Hi! I'm in the same position as you! I've chosen Biology, Chemistry and German for A Level with an EPQ. This summer I've got some work experience in the biology department of the university where I live looking at Alzheimers in fleas! Very interesting! I'm also training to be a lifeguard and have a job in a cafe :-) From september I will be volunteering in the hospital and also in a care home, I'm also aiming to get some GP work experience and also some volunteering with Snappy, which is a scheme for children with special needs :-) I've also done DofE Bronze and Silver and starting Gold in September :-) Unfortunately I can't do NCS as it just doesn't fit in my summer as I'm very busy lol. I've also done some work experience in a dentist but that doesn't count if I'm going to do medicine!!

    I'm considering going to study medicine in Germany- does anyone know if medicine degrees in Germany are compatible with UK and the NHS?
    Hello! Wow you're so lucky to have been able to gain so many places for experience as i'm finding it so hard to find places that will take me on over the summer.
    Where abouts are you located in the UK? I'm in Central London so for any for of voluntary experience or help there are long waiting lists because of such high competition
    My aim is to go and study medicine in Canada as i have lots of family there and the universities have great prospects, but i have to have a clean slate of good grades for them to consider me.
    but it would be great to talk further as it's good to know somebody is currently in the same position as me )))
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