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How much would these dents cost to repair?

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    Been having a really tough week. A few days ago, I had a PCN come in for parking incorrectly (it was a permit holder only bay, but I read the wrong sign which said permit holder and pay and display). Just a couple of days ago, I by accidentally drove through a bus lane.

    And now this...

    Does anybody know what sort of figure I'm looking at at having this repaired?

    Pics: https://goo.gl/photos/BGpF13TE7NzF2MFS9

    All of it. Nah man but I dunno like 150

    Oh jesus that is quite nasty!

    Since its damaged the side panel and the door it could be quite costly, are you looking to respray too? As a repaint can be 100 pound upwards alone. Your best bet is to take it to a body shop - or someone is in the car trade fabricator/welder by trade and get a quote. Usually dents can be pushed out then you respray the dent area, but obviously without looking at the how the dent sits not only on the outside but how it effects in the interior frame work of the car it isn't easy to say.

    Failing that, take a trip down the scrap yard, get a deal on a door and side panel and get it replaced their. Usually if you buy parts they'll add some cost for the labour of fitting it as a package deal. Can you still shut the back door normally, or does it sit on an angle which allows draft/water to get in? These type of things can give ideas to a tradesman of how bad the damage is to the metal.

    I'd have said about 150 it was just the one panel that needed reshaping and repainting, but since it goes almost all the way down, you'll also have to check things like the door locks, if any electrical wiring for speakers, central locking or rear lights has been damaged in the knock, etc.

    Difficult to give you a definite amount just by looking at photos, but I'd reckon in the 250-500 range depending on how much is just bodywork and how much is interior components.
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Updated: June 7, 2016
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