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Guy in my school is literally trying to be me.

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    2000's child problems

    Dont make a stupid status, jeez get a grip dude...

    Ignore the guy telling you to make some passive aggressive status, that will just make you look immature, not to mention very insecure about yourself. Nothing screams insecurity like "i feel so ****ing threatened by this dude copying me so i'm going to throw passive aggressive shade at him".
    So what if he copies you? Who cares? Does him copying you actually affect your life in anyway or make your photos less "amazing". Probably not.

    Celebrities are copied all the time, heck people literally have PLASTIC surgery to look like certain celebrities. Do you see them making stupid twitter posts saying "all these copycats need to move on #hatersgonhate".
    No, because they're perfectly secure with their style and identity and aren't affected by anyone trying to copy or outdo them. I can't tell you enough how much of a bad idea it is to post a fb status as the other guy suggested, it's really going to make you look like a tool and full of yourself. Because that's exactly how I would perceive someone if I saw them on my fb newsfeed posting some retarded status like that.

    Just get over it and keep being you. Ignore him. He tries to copy to feel better about himself, either way it doesnt affect you or your style. No style belongs to anyone
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Updated: June 5, 2016
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