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Getting healthy without losing weight?

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    Probably a daft question

    I am a healthy weight and genuinely do like what I look like, and feel like if I lose more than a pound or two id be devastated, as it would start to physically show. It took me a long time to start liking myself, and I don't want to start at 0 again. At the same time I'm aware I am not the healthiest person alive, considering I have little muscle and my diet could be considered poor.

    So the logical thing to do in this case would be to do some cardio so I can actually run for more than five minutes, but this would likely cause me to lose weight. I'd join a gym to gain muscle for what I might lose in fat, but honestly I can't afford to join one, and even if I did I probably wouldn't have the patience for weights. Could also change my crap diet -- but I'd lose weight yet again probably

    Basically, can someone help me get my life in order because I genuinely can't decide what to do

    You will not put on weight if you eat what we call maintenance calories. Thats the amount of calories your body will use in a day, no more and no less.

    Getting fit is about exercise. Cardio will help heart, lungs and endurance. Weights will help strength and body shape. You should do both. You need to do a lot of execise to lose weight by exercise alone, so I wouldnt be too worried about losing. You can easily replace or keep in check the calories lost by eating calorie dense foods if you cant or dont wnat to eat more.

    If you wont join a gym, then you cna start with walking or maybe something like couch to 5k.
    If you cant do gym, then you can use fitness blender or nerd fitness

    You miight wnat to look at a more nutritious diet. Am sue the others will be along sooner to give you some advice.

    If you don't try to lose weight you probably won't. Plenty of people struggle to lose weight as they start going to the gym as doing exercise increases your appetite and if you're not super fit that can mean you burn 200 calories and go home and eat cake worth 500 afterwards! Listen to your body and expect to eat a bit more. If you feel like you've lost weight or look slimmer (as you may look smaller without losing weight if you decrease your body fat and increase muscle) just eat a bit more and it will soon come back if you stay on top of it. I exercise loads and I'm not skinny or losing weight because I eat enough to balance it out.
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