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Advanced higher English dissertation

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    Hi, I've recently started 6th year and advanced higher English and now have to pick texts for the dissertation and I was thinking along the lines of personal freedom vs social duty and tradition, but I'm struggling to pick books that suits this. I was thinking of using the gormenghast trilogy but am struggling for others, help would be appreciated!

    Hi, although it isn't a novel but Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare would be perfect for you topic, I studied this last year for my critical essay (and your topic was in fact my prelim essay!) and Juliet obviously has to choose between her personal wishes of being with Romeo and what her family would expect of her. Also another similar text by Shakespeare that follows this theme is A Midsummer Night's Dream, as the female must choose who to be with.

    If you are restricted to do novels, I would say Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy is good as the lead character is in a dilemma between her desires and the dominance of others and society. You could also try authors such as Dickens, Jane Austen or any of the Bronte sisters as their novels will most likely have this conflict, particularly with female characters.

    Good luck! x
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