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Help! Edexcel unit 4 section B Lysistrata

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    Hi guys i'm near to tears here. I am desperate for some help!
    basically my drama teacher has taught me absolutely nothing all year he just gives us print out and sends us on our way. My exam is on the 20th June 2016 and i am seriously panicking.

    My directors concept is to cast the opposite sex for each character for example cast lysistrata as a male but have him perform seriously as a female in role. i wanted to do this to highlight the changes in time from aristophanes' sexism towards women by creating a comedy at the expense of female empowerment.

    i originally wanted to keep the play set in greek time and keep the spartan Vs athian theme and mainly focus on gender roles. HOWEVER i have noticed that every other human on earth is either doing a spin on the play by involving london riots ww2 or the suffrogets.... obviously to explore the conflict of the peloponesain war... so I'm asking is my concept going to fail my exam because of its lack of modernising the conflict in the play?

    also could someone list some comparative notes to use when writing about aristophanes' version in comparison to my own? i take it the same for section C

    e.g.: in the modern performance blah blah blah
    however in the original performance blablah blah


    ps: i know what i have just written has spelling mistakes and is poorly written please take into account i am dyslexic
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Updated: June 5, 2016
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