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    Hi, I've found out that my boyfriend of nearly 5 months now, had been sexting another girl about one month into our relationship(we had made it official a month before).when confronted by my best friend,because she had heard a rumour,he denied it and i believed him and he was very good at covering it up.It was only when I sent him actual screenshots and he was found out that he admitted to it,he was very apologetic and said it only happened for one night and will never happen again and how he loves me bla bla bla.I do really love him and as soon as I started speaking to him I felt an instant connection to him. He really is not the type of person you would think would do this as he always tells me how he feels about me and seems like a really genuine person.Ive said to him that I need a break from seeing and speaking to him to give me time to think but my head is all over the place.He has basically begged me to stay with him and said he loves me with all his heart but I just don't know if I can learn to trust him again.Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    Drop that fella like a hot potato.

    He cheated a month into the relationship. Who does that? You've practically started dating and he's already turned out to be a sleaze? Damn son, the ****-boy vibe is strong in this one.

    He then lied to you about it, so you can tell from all the "Ideal guy" threads going around, that he isn't even honest, which should always be at the top of anyone's list imo. I'd say that even if he tells you he loves you, his actions aren't very loving or faithful. And if he seems like a genuine person, than I'd probably be even more disgusted with him, as he's spent four months perfecting this little act of his.

    But ofc, I am an internet stranger, so for me there's no actual feelings involved. So, I'd just say that if you can't trust a person, do you really want to be with him? I'm sorry this has happened to you, as nobody deserves to be betrayed like this.

    100% with flying panda.

    The guy doesn't treat you with respect. You have to show him that you respect yourself even if he doesn't and keep on walking in the opposite direction.

    You will make 'that' connection with many people through your life, it is not restricted to one person, believe me.

    Good luck.
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Updated: June 5, 2016
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